Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The joker cop-chapter-4

Inside her bed room Cathy chuckled to herself and set about to do do the most funniest thing that she had never done before.
In her bed room there was a cupboard stuffed full of old clothes.Cathy opened it and and pulled out an old,sweat stained rag that could hardly be called as a bra.Then taking her own time, she packed it well in an old newspaper sheet and then affixed adhesive tape around it well.Now every thing set,came out into the sitting room and padded near Charley Master who was still stirring in the sofa impatiently.
"Here's the bra Charley." She said stifling her laugh and held out the packet. "It's a very costly one imported from US.Now you may go home and appease your old lady."
Charley Master took it and climbing to his feet said,"Thank you very much Cathy.I'll meet you tomorrow with those promised bras."He said and started out of the room.
But the moment he was out in the open,a wicked thought popped into his mind and a sly smile appeared on his lips.
"Why should I give her those bras anyway?"He thought."Foolish hag.Let her sit tight and wait.But she is not going to get those bras from me." Then he walked briskly,heading for home.
Quarter of an hour later,a proud Charley Master stood at attention in front of his wife holding out the packet.
"Darling,here's the bra for you."He said."It's a rare piece imported from US."
Sheffy,obviously very impressed,whooped with delight and grabbing the packet from Charley Master tore it open,exposing the content.The next moment she she gave out the hell of a scream as if she had touched a ghost.""
That nasty rag in her seemed to be mocking at her, and then all the hell was let loose.In a sudden blaze of anger Sheffy threw away the 'US bra' and scooping up a broom went after Charley Master.
"Who's the stupid bitch who gave you this shit?I swear it's Cathy, that fat buffalo." she yelled. Charley Master frog jumped and ran around to save himself from the blows of his wife.The 'cat and mouse' game went on for a short while, and finally, he somehow got out alive and dashed towards a neighbouring house.
"Watch out!That werewolf is coming after me." He shouted as he blundered into the house.
Everyone in the house roared with laughter.But the house owner was a splendid neighbour.Grasping the 'dangerous' situation he at once pulled Charley Master into a back room of the house and shut him inside.
The very next moment Sheffy came tearing up into the house screaming,"Where's that mutton head?I know he is here.Where has he holed in?"
But before things got further nasty,The house owner and a few other men,most of them elders, engaged themselves into a settlement talk with Sheffy, trying to cool her down.It was indeed a tiresome work,yet it worked finally.
At last on assuring her that her sweet heart would never again visit Cathy's house, and also assuring her that as a punishment he would bring her five new bras the next day, she agreed for a ceasefire.

End of chapter four.The next Chapter will be up within a couple of days.