Wednesday, March 19, 2008


A couple of days later one morning, Charley Master was on duty in the town bus station.Smoking a cigarette, he sat inside the police cabin in the bus station watching the passengers.A little while later a porter came in and told him that Robin was making mischiefs near the town hall.
Robin was a nutter around thirty.He was a buck teethed, chunky man with a crew cut hair,an hairless face and a big tummy.
Usually Robin would wander about in the town singing or dancing, and sometimes begging for a coin when hungry.But whenever he got a couple of swallows of liqueur he would turn swiftly into something like 'A monkey by birth.But if boozed up too what will be the result!' Then howling and hooting he would start running about wildly, or would stealthily behind a proud pedestrian mimicking his style of walk, or would even dance and exhibit his private parts in front of a bunch of women.At last it would be the tedious task for two, three muscle men to get hold of him and put him into a mad house.
Now on getting thew news about Robin,a naughty thought got into Charley Master's mind.'This nutter is a dangerous predator.So far no one has been able to tackle him alone.But if I could handle him myself,, it will be an amazing feat and I"ll be the hero among the cops.'
Charley Master pondered about this big idea for some time, and any way, decided at last to try his luck.Then he went out of the cabin and made his way towards the town hall.
On reaching there he saw Robin under the canopy of a big banyan tree with a ring of amusing crowd around him.He was well on his way with his usual hip jerking and funny songs and the crowd was clapping in tune with his dance.Robin had no shirt and wore only a khaki trousers that reached below his knees.It had been tied around his waist with a coir string.
Charley Master paused at a distance and watched the whole thing for some time.That day the nutter looked playful and childish, and there was nothing at all dangerous about him. Most likely he might even be a silly coward and a hoarse shout all be that necessary to stun him into silence.
All right! Then bracing himself Charley Master moved again.Straightaway, pushing his way through the crowd he cane near Robin and roared.
'stop it idiot, and follow me.or else,I"ll put you away in a terrible mad house."
A sudden silence followed.Robin, putting a stop to his buffoonery's, hitched up his trousers, turned sharply, and stood staring at Charley Master.The nutter looked unpredictable spelling trouble and the people watched tensely.But after one or two minutes,much to the relief of the people, his attitude changed and he laughed.
"As you say my police brother."Robin said."I'll do whatever you say.But before that may I ask a favour of you now?"
"What's that?"Charley Master asked.obviously very impressed and flashed a triumphant grin.My cop voice has scared the hell out of this nutter.He thought. "My police brother," Robin spread out his arms wide and said grinning."Would you please give me your police cap just for a minute to wear?"

End of chapter five.The next chapter will be up soon.

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