Tuesday, January 8, 2008

THE JOKER COP-chapter 1

Unless the Lord builds the house
Builders labour in vain
Unless the Lord watches over the city
The watchmen stand guard in vain Psalms 127/2-3

All glory to Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed me with the talent of writing !

This story is a fiction.All characters are fictional.Please make your comments,opinions and criticism about the story on this blog.Re production of this story or portion there of in any form may be with the permission of the author.

The Story begins!

Chapter one

Charley Master was a police constable as well as a born joker.He was a slender,sunburned man in his mid fourtees with a jovial face,a straight nose,black tousled hair,a straggly mustache,and black restless eyes.

His real name was Charley Joseph and Charley Master was his nick name.The nickname had been given by Alfy,a petty thief who strongly believed that Charley Master was not only a joker but also the 'Master of all the International Jokers'.
The family of Charley Master consisted of his niggling, big built, and hippo looking wife Sheffy and his two children.Sheffy was a real monster who was angry about everything ,and as a matter of fact Charley Master was afraid of her though he never admitted it openly.But fact was that, Charley Master wouldn'nt even dare to take a leak if its permission had been denied by her.
One day,Charley Master was out and about in the town on the lookout for the troublesome teen aged bikers in the town.There had beeen many complaints against many of them for racing against each other at breakneck speed along the busy roads and lanes in the town.

After getting on duty, Charley master went about in the town posing like a super cop, and also sometimes sneaking in the rear of the good looking women flock to enjoy the undulations of their ass.

Later,while he was sticking around in front of the womens college, he saw a bike roaring down the road, its rider hunching over the handle bar.Immediately he stepped out on to the road and waved at the rider to stop the bike .The bike screeched to a halt near Charley Master, and the rider after removing his sun glass, flashed a wide smile.

Charley Master looked him over with interest.The guy was a Micahel Jackson looking type, sporting a goldring in his left ear.
"Hello sir, What's the problem sir?" He grinned in Jackson style.
"Well,Cycle Jackson,"Charley Master began, trying to sound tough, "Show me your driving licence"
"Sorry Sir" Jackson shrugged ."I don't have a license sir"
"No license!" Exclaimed Charley Master, his face set and angry. "Very well, then you are going to be in big trouble.Tell me your name and address."
He demanded at Cycle Jackson and took out a paper and pen from his pocket.
"I'm Wise Wilson sir" The rider answered without any hesitation.

Charley Master was about to start writing, but right at that moment a buxom lady showed up.Jerking her hips and jiggling her bust she came swaggering along the side walk and on seeing her, forgetting everything every thing about 'cycle Jackson', Charley Master began to watch her in fascination with a wide foolish grin.
He stood looking at her until she disappeared at a distance, and then, on realizing his 'mistake', swung his head around to find the biker.But he had already vanished from the place.

While Charley Master had been keenly watching the lady,' Cycle Jackson ' had made a clean getaway by pushing his bike to a safe distance and then starting off in haste.

End of the first chapterThe 2nd chapter will be up within a couple of days

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