Tuesday, January 8, 2008

THE JOKER COP-chapter 2

One day Inspector Eddy along with a team of his best five constables had gone somewhere in the town to investigate a very serious case.

Earlier that day Charley Master had tried his every trick to get into the team.But all his tricks had been foiled by the Inspector who knew that if Charley Master was taken into the team, he would mess up every thing by sticking his nose into everything.

But the impression of Charley Master was different. 'The stupid Inspector is scared of my abilities.He thought smugly, 'He knows I'll crack the case in five minutes.That's why the fool was afraid to take me into his team.'

Now, inside the resting room of the police station,free from the regular rebukes of the Inspector, Charley Master lolled in an old easy chair with his eyes closed and a smouldering cigarette held between his lips.He had been drifting away in a sweet day dream for the past thirty minutes.

That was the nature of Charley Master.Whenever he was free and alone, he would dream away his time by thinking about himself as the hero of several acts of bravery such as fighting with a rhino, wrestling with King Kong, smashing down a bunch of crocks and so on.Now in his present dream, Charley Master imagined himself as the Inspector of the police station.There, donning the imposing uniform of the Inspector, he sat sternly behind a large desk and glared at the stupid constable in front of him.The constable was being punished for some serious mistake and he was shaking like a frightened rat.

Then suddenly 'Inspector Charley Master' barked an order."Squat.....get your ass on the ground!"
"Yes sir" The constable yelled,squatting down on the ground.
"Get up"
"Yes sir" The constable jumped to his feet.
"Squat again"
"Yes sir" dropped down again.
"On your feet"
"Yes sir"
And it went on.'up....down....up....down....up....down.' The poor Constable was forced to squat in and out until he slumped down onto the ground, dog tired.

But who was 'constable' any way?It was the funniest thing about it.It was non other than the real Inspector Eddy himself ! In Charley Master's wild day dream,Inspector Eddy had been stripped of all his ranks and had been reduced to the position of a poor constable.On the other hand,Charley master had been promoted as the new, fearsome Inspector of the police station!
The deplorable condition of 'Constable Eddy', though it was only a day dream,was a big joke for Charley Master and he laughed out aloud in a dog barking like sound.

"Hou....Hou....Hou....Hoooo......." He howled with laughter.But not for long.Suddenly his laughter was cut off in the midway by a thunderous roar that exploded right at his back.
Startled, Charley Master sprang out of his chair, turned round, and stared in disbelief right into the face of Inspector Eddy who was fuming with fury.

Frightened by the sudden appearance of the Inspector,Charley Master lost his levelheadedness and in that confusion began to give him non stop salutes.One..two..three..four..It went on.
This act of buffoonery maddened the Inspector."Stop it"He exploded,"You are on duty now.Aren't you?"
"Yes sir" Gulped Charley Master.
"Then what in the hell is the reason for your horse laugh I heard? What's eating you?Thinking about a second marriage?"
"No sir."Blabbered Charley Master."I've had enough from my old girl."
On hearing it, the cops around doubled with laughter.

But things would not have ended there.But right at that moment twp constables hustled the most wanted thug in the town into the station.The thug was violent and he was grappling with his captors.

On seeing the thug, the Inspector and the and the police men darted towards him to seize him.But just before they reached there, the thug somehow wriggled himself free from the police men and bolted out of the station with the cops at his heels.

In the heat of the moment, Charley Master and his comics were forgotten by every one and it eventually saved him from the possible repercussions from the Inspector for laughing aloud in an indecent way inside the police station.

End of chapter two.Chapter three will be up within a couple of days.

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